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Carte Blanche 18

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

The Computer Society of MIT - Anna University was founded in 1983 improving the knowledge of students in the field of computer science. Being the inter-disciplinary technical student body of MIT, CSMIT comprises of 9 departments and has been synonymous with bringing new, exciting and innovative ideas of the students to the forefront of our college community. Over the years, the society has evolved, from being just an organization for imparting knowledge, to an active participant in the evolution and promotion of Free Open Source Software (FOSS). The major event associated with this area is the conducting of the national level inter college free software festival Carte Blanche every year.


Event Details/Highlights

Events List in Carte Blanche 18, Chennai:

Algo stream:
1.Onsite Programming Contest
2. Inscribed
3. Hack Knight
4. Sudo Shell
5. Street Coding
6. Debugging

Elex stream:
1. Enter the snapdragon
2. Mu dot Into
3. Nodes & Paths
4. Network Titans
5. Mind about Signals
6. Automate & Control

Mech stream:
1. Mech Quiz
2. CAD Modelling
3. Plan it
4. Debacle Diving
5. Idea Presentation
6. How Stuff Works

1. Line Replica
2. All terrain
3. Robo Race
4. Sort Bot
5. Robo War
6. Maze Solver

Non-Tech Events
1. Treasure Hunt
2. Gaming
3. Quiz
4. Game of Words
5. IPL Auction
6. How Stuff Works

Online Events:
1. Online Programming Contest
2. Treasure Quest
3. Mannequin Challenge
4. Photography
5. Fantasy Football
6. Connexions
7. Qurukshetra
8. Math-o-Mania

Special Events:
1. Hackathon
2. Carte Blanche Kube Open
3. Back to School
4. Paper Presentation


Workshops in Chennai:

Algo stream:
1. Ethical Hacking and Cyber security
2. Deep Learning and Machine Intelligence
3. Nougat App Development

Elex Stream:
1. Internet of Things and Cloud Computing by BSNL
2. Robotics in Defence & Defence Electronics by DRDO

Mech stream:
1. Live surgery of IC engine with competition
2. Automotive Aerodynamics (Sketching & Modelling)
3. Mechanical materials with industrial visit


Paper Presentation Topics:

All engineering and scientific topics are welcome


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